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Ещё комменты: “Rick did alot to keep real rock in the public eye. Even Keith Richards said how he important he was. Berry was in jail, elvis in the army and lewis had derailed and the rest of the black artists just werent going to get airplay. So Rick came along on that show and keep it real till the beatles came along. imho i really dont think rock would have survived without him”(с)

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автоакустика sony
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YOURLS_PRIVATE Private means protected with login/pass as defined below. Set to false for public usage (on an intranet for instance) Example: `true` YOURLS_UNIQUE_URLS Allow multiple short URLs for a same long URL Set to true to allow only one pair of shortURL/longURL (default YOURLS behavior), or to false to allow creation of multiple short URLs pointing to the same long URL (as bit.ly does) Example: `true` YOURLS_COOKIEKEY A random secret hash used to encrypt cookies. You don`t have to remember it, make it long and complicated. Hint: generate a unique one at http://yourls.org/cookie Example: `qQ4KhL_pu|s@Zm7n %:b^{A[vhm` yourls_user_passwords A list of username(s) and password(s) allowed to access the site if private Example: `joe` => `mypassword` URL Shortening settings YOURLS_URL_CONVERT URL shortening method: base 36 or 62 . See FAQ for more explanations yourls_reserved_URL A list of reserved keywords that won`t be used as short URLs. Define here negative, unwanted or potentially misleading keywords Example: `porn`, `faggot`, `sex`, `nigger`, `fuck`, `cunt`, `dick`, `gay` Optional settings YOURLS_PRIVATE_INFOS If YOURLS_PRIVATE is set to true , you can still easily make your individual stat pages public. To do so, override the global private setting with: define(`YOURLS_PRIVATE_INFOS`, false); YOURLS_PRIVATE_API If YOURLS_PRIVATE is set to true , you can still easily make your API public. To do so, override the global private setting with: define(`YOURLS_PRIVATE_API`, false); YOURLS_NOSTATS If YOURLS_NOSTATS is set to true , redirects won`t be logged and there will be not stats available. Advanced settings File includes/yourls-load.php contains a few more undocumented but self explanatory and commented settings. Add them to your own config.php if you know what you`re doing WordPress Plugin Features Generate short URLs for each new post or page Generate short URLs for all your old posts and pages if wished Send a tweet on your Twitter account with the post title and short URL as you publish them Works if YOURLS is hosted on the same server or on a remote server Also compatible with tr.im, is.gd, tinyurl.com and bit.ly for maximum fun Screenshot Download & more informations Download YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter from the official WordPress plugin repository More information, tips and feedback on the plugin page from planetOzh Plugins for YOURLS Plugins? Plugins are additional PHP scripts that extend the functionalities or features of YOURLS. The core of YOURLS is designed to be as light as possible and avoid bloat (implementing functions not everybody needs) and to allow for easy customization. Using the plugin architecture, you can add new features to YOURLS without having to modify core files. This way, your changes won`t be lost when you upgrade your YOURLS installation. Documentation Several sample plugins are included in the archive. Read the source and learn the concept. It`s easy and fun! Check the plugin API documentation to learn more YOURLS` API Features Generate or get existing short URLs, with sequential or custom keyword Get some statistics about your links: top clicked links, least clicked links, newest links Output format: JSON, XML, or simple raw text Authentify either with login/password or using a secure passwordless mechanism Usage You need to send parameters to http://yoursite.com/yourls-api.php either via GET or POST .